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Transformation Through Conversation

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Duration: 60-90min approx. per session

Cost: $125.00

Holistic Coaching Sessions

Let's talk AND shift it out! Transformation occurs through verbal and energetic conversations and here is where the MAGIC begins. By utilizing my intuitive and energetic abilities, these powerful conversations provide you with CLEAR direction and empower you to make the RIGHT decisions for YOU. These sessions can be life changing or as SIMPLE as flipping the 'energetic' SWITCH in your brain!

30min $60

60min $110

Tarot Readings!

Are you looking for CLEAR DIRECTION ? Right now we are experiencing some VERY diverse and powerful energies for CHANGE on a GLOBAL scale! It's always helpful to receive relevant information in the MOMENT. This subconscious information can provide you with insight in order to make the RIGHT decisions for YOU as you move forward in life.

Energetic Healing Session

Need an energetic SHIFT or CLEARING?

As an energetic practitioner, I find combining modalities that I have learned over the years and allowing myself to be guided when facilitating healing for my clients is a very powerful experience. I receive CLEAR direction from the Universe!


I am a Reiki Master and use this energy in most of my sessions. This is a type of energy work, which is directed on and over the body to promote healing. You will feel relaxed and calm after the session. Great for recovery from injuries, surgery or stress relief. Works on your animals too!

Fire of Life: This is a powerful energetic technique that can clear energy blocks, remove entities from your field, balance your chakra's, ground your spirit and leave you feeling clear of anything that may be getting in the way of your true path.

60min $110.00